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Happy Birthday Sneha!

Happy Birthday Sneha!

This was fun! I have always thought Bollywood was an amusing little land. She is from the south of India and a hot little thing. She is building up cool little career and quite the following.


Happy Birthday Emily Deschanel!

BONES!!! Happy birthday Emily Deschanel!

I immediately recognized her from the fairly popular TV series Bones. She plays the super hot, super smart.. which is even hotter, scientist who works out all these crazy murder mysteries. Very CSI, cold case Mentalist, but still fun.

Turns out Emily is a Vegan and an animal activist, heavily involved with PETA (not sure how I feel about that).

Happy Birthday Jodi Lyn O’Keefe!

Happy Birthday Jodi Lyn O’Keefe! My favourite kind of girl, one that comes from good dork stock to become a hottie and a success!

I know she isn’t HUGELY famous but I definitely recognize her face, from tv and film, and possibly that Maxim issue :D.

Happy birthday Barbie Hsu!

Happy birthday Barbie Hsu! This Taiwanese Singer and actress, whose role in Meteor Garden a Japanese Manga adaptation raised her to stardom. These isn’t much info about her online but there are plenty of pictures of this Taiwanese cutie!

Happy Birthday Niki Hilton!

Heiresses FTW!!!

Happy birthday Niki Hilton! The less nutty sister.. or so it seems anyway. Niki was born and raised all over the place in the United States, including Manhattan, Long Island, Beverly Hills and the Hamptons.

She’s a Fashion Designer, Model, Actress, and also attempted to open a couple of hotels.. but it seems she was sued for breach of contract :P. Oops!

Happy B-day Yuridia – The Sexy Mexican Singer

Happy Birthday “Bitch” (I could say it in spanish, but it would sound offensive …so Ill stick to the english word ;P) . Yuridia Francisca Gaxiola Flores is a Mexican singer.

Yuridias birthday is on the 4th of October

Yuridia's birthday is on the 4th of October

Yuridia, born in 1986 in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, is only 22. She started her successful singing career by coming 2nd in the hit reality show “La Academia”.

22 year old Mexican singer Yuridia

22 year old Mexican singer Yuridia

Yuridia’s debut Album is called “La voz de un Angel” (The voice of an angel – translated to english). It has become the 2nd best selling Album in 2006, and one of the fastest selling Albums in Mexican history.

Lena Headey

Happy Brithday Bitch! Lena Headey played Sarah Connor on Terminator, as well as being in films like The Remains of the Day, Possession, The Brothers Grimm and 300. She’s 34 and still looks amazing!

Happy Birthday Sarah Connor! GET TO DA CHOPPA!