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Happy birthday Barbie Hsu!

Happy birthday Barbie Hsu! This Taiwanese Singer and actress, whose role in Meteor Garden a Japanese Manga adaptation raised her to stardom. These isn’t much info about her online but there are plenty of pictures of this Taiwanese cutie!


Happy Birthday Niki Hilton!

Heiresses FTW!!!

Happy birthday Niki Hilton! The less nutty sister.. or so it seems anyway. Niki was born and raised all over the place in the United States, including Manhattan, Long Island, Beverly Hills and the Hamptons.

She’s a Fashion Designer, Model, Actress, and also attempted to open a couple of hotels.. but it seems she was sued for breach of contract :P. Oops!

Happy birthday Candice Michelle!

Anyone wanna wrestle? Just a little tussle…. 😉 Milwaukee!!!!! Candice is from Milwaukee Wisconsin, most excellent!

Happy birthday Candice Michelle! She is an American model, actress, and professional wrestler! Let me tell you there is no shortage of jaw dropping hotness photos of Candice online. She is best known for being the GoDAddy.com girl and her wrestling career, but she also posed for playboy (yay) and has made a few other minor TV appearances.

Happy birthday Billionaires everywhere!

On Sept 29th, 1916 John D. Rockefeller became the first Billionaire. I thought this was an interesting little tidbit and worth sharing! Happy birthday, to the concept of being a billionaire!

Money money money!! MONEY!


Happy Birthday Gwyneth Paltrow!

Happy Birthday Gwyneth Paltrow!

Her big break was her role in SEVEN, with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman in 1995. She won an Oscar for her role in “Shakespeare in love”, but her career went down hill afterwards. She admitted she couldn’t take the pressure and made some really poor film choices after winning the award. She is also an aspiring singer and performed with Jay-Z in 2006.

Happy happy birthday Olivia Newton-John!

Happy Birthday Olivia Newton-John!

She was born in England, and immigrated to Melbourne in her youth. She began her singing career in Australia, and won a trip to England in a talent contest. Her first hit song was written by Bob Dylan, but it took a while for her career and popularity to take of in America. Her role opposite of John Travolta in Grease made her a world wide house hold name, apparently she was very hesitant to play the roal of a high school student as she was 29.

She suffered through cancer and survived to campaign tirelessly for cancer research and awareness. Now she is a devout health junky and activist.