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Happy Birthday Niki Hilton!

Heiresses FTW!!!

Happy birthday Niki Hilton! The less nutty sister.. or so it seems anyway. Niki was born and raised all over the place in the United States, including Manhattan, Long Island, Beverly Hills and the Hamptons.

She’s a Fashion Designer, Model, Actress, and also attempted to open a couple of hotels.. but it seems she was sued for breach of contract :P. Oops!


Happy 22nd Leah Dizon!

Happy Birthday Leah Dizon! This Chinese, Filipino and French hotpot was born in Nevada LV, and moved to Tokyo in 2006 to be a model and Japanese TV personality. She’s a singer, actress, model, and gravure idol (some kind of Japanese bikini model). Happy 22nd!

Happy Birthday Fernanda Tavares, Viva Brazil!

Happy Birthday Fernanda Tavares !

Honestly there isn’t much information about her online (or at least that I saw with my minimal skimming.. I might have spent most of the time looking at pictures…)

She was born in Natal in Northern Brazil. On a side not Natal has always amused me because it’s Christmas… literally in Portuguese it means Christmas, imaging … “Where are you from?” I’m from a little place called Christmas, you?” Like that isn’t a fun conversation waiting to happen!

Back to the birthday girl! She won an elite look of the year contest when she was 13 and soon after began her modeling career in earnest. She now models for all the major labels and struts the catwalk regularly. I found this site that said

“Although her job takes her all around the world and back, Fernanda has been with the same lucky man for the past 4 years, and when she’s not striking a pose or two, she enjoys swimming, jogging and doing what all young Brazilian women do.”

… first thing that came to mind was party… Brazilians are party machines!

Not where I found most of these pictures… but a lovely collection that should be checked out!